High Roller Slots

High Roller Slots - High Limit Slot Machines Online

High roller slots are for the elite gambler. High rollers walk into a casino looking for the highest limit slot machine games they can find. These players often seek out high stakes poker games. Others show up at the craps table, wanting to bet a big wad of money on the game with the most "action".

You don't often think of high roller slot machine gamblers. But some people like the thrill of betting it all on one touch of a button. For these people, there are the high roller slots game. We've all seen that one machine set off from the row of one-armed bandits.

There are high roller online slots, too. Online casinos try to cater to every gambling win, because if a casino doesn't have the game a high roller wants, that high roller will go to a competitor. So high roller slots are starting to turn up online all the time.

Atomic Age Slots for the High Roller - $75 Spin Slots

Atomic Age slots from Rival Gaming casinos has a $75 per spin high roller version. This game allows you to wager up to 75 coins per spin. The largest coin denomination is $1. That means you can wager a high roller amount on the Atomic Age, which focuses on American pop culture of the 1950's era.

Atomic Age is a video slots game with state-of-the-art graphics and sounds. The drive-in icon is the wild symbol, while the atom symbol wins you the most cash.

Cool Bananas - High Rollers - $180+ Slots Spins

Cool Bananas by Cryptologic offers $180 spins. Cool Bananas has King Kong and his favorite food as its theme. The jackpot on this game is $200,000 for a maximum spin. If you pair mighty monkey icons with a banana icon, you win the big prize. (But you can't even play if you're in the USA. Not at a Cryptologic casino, anyway.)

Bally Gaming High Rollers - $1000 Slot Machine

The first $1,000 slot machine was brought to us by the Las Vegas Bally's Hotel and Casino. This game was one of the classic slots games of all time: Red, White and Blue Sevens.

This was the game where the maximum jackpot was won when the three reels came up one red 7, one white 7 and one blue seven. If these came up left to right in that order, the payout was $1 million. Marketed by International Game Technology, Red, White & Blue 7's was one of IGT's gamblers' favorites.

The maximum amount which could be wagered on this high roller slot machine was $2,000 per spin.

High Rollers Slots

If you're looking for a specific game called "High Rollers Slots", here's some info which might help.

High Rollers is a standard 3-reel which can be played at a number of coin denominations. These include $.05, $.25, $.50, $1 and $5 per spin. High Rollers is a five payline game.

The wild symbol on this game is a peace sign (for some odd reason), while the Volkswagon Bus helps you win the big jackpot on the game. If three of these come up and you have bet 5 coins, you win the maximum payout.

High Roller Casino Bonuses

High rollers should keep in mind that most online casinos offer high roller bonuses. Sure, if you're one of the whales of online gambling, you might not care about cutting corners, but I'm sure you didn't get all that money without learning how to hold onto it.